In case you're wondering what internet marketing legend Ted Ciuba's up to now, here's today's radio broadcast. (2013/08/14)

Go listen to the half-hour show to get enlightenment on the question, "What Does 'The Disciple Jesus Loved' Mean?"


“There was reclining on Jesus' bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved.” (NASV John 13.23)

Most people substitute what their pastor has said for thinking on anything relating to the Bible. Need we say riches beyond comprehension lie deep beyond the party line?

Minister-at-large, Ted Ciuba and Chaplain Oscar Smith, America’s most loved minister, have recently completed a project they began in tandem some months back, the completion of their respective manuscripts on books pertaining to the Gospel of John.

This makes them more than a little qualified to speak on the topic, because the Gospel of John is the only place where this individual is identified as such, and they’ve spent the greatest part of their life energies the last 4 months in that gospel.

  • Who is this mysterious “disciple whom Jesus loved”?
  • Is word choice important?: Reclining, bosom, loved
  • Why is it important to mention Jesus’ love for this individual five times?
  • Was the author dodging something or saying something?
  • Everyone knows “he knew his wife” means something more than it says…
  • What does “reclining on Jesus’ bosom” mean in a Biblical sense?

This session is for those willing use the neural circuits the creator gave them, because you won’t hear your pastor talking on this theme.


Is this a stretch or departure from Ted's business interests? How do you square a spiritual topic from the original founder of World Internet Summit?

Ted says it's may appear to be a different book, but it promotes the same all important quantum humanism theme he advocates.

His business interests and activities haven't gone away, so expect to consistently hear more of them. Yet, as always, it must be an angle, product, or service  that benefits all parties…

Plus, isn't it the spiritual, quantum reality of existence that underlies quantum achievement?

If you're into achievement you'll love everything Ted's doing today. If you're into spirituality you'll love most everything Ted's doing today.

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(It's not what you expect.)

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