People often ask what makes The NEW Think And Grow Rich so powerful… “What is it about this book that stands so far above and beyond the others in the genre, in the field, in the camp, in the self-development business-development field?”

One of the things I tell people, and it’s so obvious, is the method of discovery. Let’s contrast it first with… The common method is someone had one success – could be a fluke, could be a particular time, situation, or industry… could be they are creatively embellishing the truth – and they start beating their chest with the trumpets of, “Me, me, me, me!” “This is what I have done!” “I-I-I!” “Ego, ego, ego, ego!”

And that approach is absolutely opposed to the process we employ.

Here’s what we did. Neither one of us are big on this “I, I, I” approach. It’s shallow, and it doesn’t yield any statistically significant results.

You don’t hear the “I, I” or the “Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me” that is so common. You get the law of large numbers working through the scientific approach, making for the valid quantitative aspect of our research and discoveries.

You see, measuring success is not exactly like measuring blood pressure, or the red blood cell count. Measuring success is somewhat subjective. That’s why it’s called qualitative investigation. On the other hand, the quantitative structuring for statistical significance is in the vast numbers.

Napoleon Hill himself interviewed over 500 of the richest people in America at that time. Myself, Ted Ciuba, I have interviewed and studied many more than 5,000. We get around so much faster and easier today! It only takes 26 hours to fly to China, my goodness, not eight weeks like it used to on a boat! And it’s an ongoing process, like all of Nature and society, constantly evolving. On the internet we are not separated at all.

That’s it. That’s what makes The NEW Think And Grow Rich so powerful – the law of large numbers and the scientific approach. That allows us to use the inductive approach. As such, we don’t have to push an untried pet theory that has a sellable ring…

We dispassionately analyze and evaluate the data from these quantitative multiple instances of success, and see what the facts say. That truth, discovered in the law of large numbers then becomes our truth. That’s what we share with you.

And now you know why The NEW Think And Grow Rich stands out so far from the normal, chest beating, un-tested, ego-driven book written by someone who got lucky once.


What Makes The New Think And Grow Rich So Powerful  by Ted Ciuba,

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