So how do you make the quantum leap? You just do it.

You just assume that power, because it’s in your star stuff, and then you just do it.

How do you know where you’ll land?

If you trust yourself, the power is there when you need it. That feeling of excitement you feel is actually cosmic current running through you in this situation, urging you to express the fullness of life.

So let go. You’ve got to commit to a plan that appears to have a cost. That’s why we call it a jump, and fearful, and scary.

Scary or not, you get the power when you assume the power. When you assume you can do it, that’s when you can.

When you assume you can’t, or it won’t happen, or you’re fearful, that’s when you can’t, and you may even be paralyzed by the fear of failure before these obstacles you imagine huge.

You are your own worst enemy, faltering before you even move forward and try it. So how do you make the quantum leap? It’s not some very hard thing; you just assume it.


When You Assume You Can Do It, That's When You Can  by Ted Ciuba,

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