Thanks for asking… If I just had 101 seconds to share with you several usable considerations as you approach The New Think And Grow Rich, I’d say…

I’m sure I would have written my personal achievement book differently if I hadn’t collaborated with Napoleon Hill. But when he came forward with a very thoroughly researched and discovered, tested and proven system, and I was out in the world using a system I’d adapted from the thirteen principles of his work, anyway, it was easier and even respectful to build on the thirteen multi-dimensional, interdependent universal principles he’d laid out so well.

Had I started from scratch – remember that saying, “Why re-invent the wheel?” – I would have surely presented things differently. But I used his book to start with, so it is what it is.

Another thing, though most people associate it as a business book, and that’s fine, really, it’s not a business book. It’s about the principles that make for outstanding achievement in any worthy field, profession, or pursuit.

My primary niche, true, is amongst business, and not, for instance, among athletics or the arts. Nevertheless, the principles one assimilates and applies to achieve outstanding success are the same in any field, just applied with different specifics.

As for example, the principles that hold for sound accounting and budgeting are the same for every person, enterprise, and even government on earth, no matter how different the “niche specifics” of the way they apply it may be, so the principles of success apply in achieving outstanding success.

The concept of mindset, the concept of the prime mover, is one of eight pillars in the quantum business acceleration system we engage in our clients’ businesses. It’s important, it’s pillar one, but it’s only one of eight pillars.

What I’m trying to say is, if you want what is business specific, see us through our business. But I wrote the book specifically NOT for “just” the business person, but so it would be available for everybody to apply the message in their life, passions, and pursuits.

The only way you and I will ever probably work together is if we meet in personal development or if we meet in business. We’re not going to meet in sports, theater; or Hollywood. We’re not going to meet in Israel on a security assignment.

But these principles apply as directly to the work you seek excellence in as if we were in the same room and I was coaching you on writing results-getting copy.

There’s more than we have time for… How about?…

I believe the book can be summed up in four words: desire, intention, and knowing, matrixed in action. If you want to expand that, to make it more exact, double it to: definite desire, clear intention, knowing belief, matrixed in focused action.

Learn to meditate. Tune in and listen to your inner self. Unleash the power of thought directed into action.

Mindset is the prime principle in making yourself be and do what’s necessary to achieve success. It does not and will not come by good luck. When you’ve got it you get it.


When You've Got It, You Get It  by Ted Ciuba,

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