Everybody wants to know what the secret is Napoleon Hill is alleged to have hid in his famous book, Think And Grow Rich. And he encouraged the publicity, so it’d be easy to think that…

Next, the inquisitive comes, asking where he hid it.

Right now let’s put aside the question of what the secret is. Let’s deal with the where he hid it.

He hid it in 1,001 places. It may be layered in the fold there’s 13 principles rather than eight. The way I look at it, it could easily be consolidated down to 8 chapters. For instance, what’s the difference between the subconscious, the brain, and holomagic? What’s the difference between what he calls faith and the related treatment of auto suggestion? There’s a lot that could be blended.

And the all could be hiding in the small in between a few lines when he says something that is really the capsule of the secret. But you might only trigger those energies when you come at it from a certain angle.

It could be coded in the title and/or the concluding statement. It could be so many places! It could be until you discover it in every chapter you can’t see it at all, and it could be you’ll never, ever discover it until you DO it.

It could be you discern it as a character of motion, like balance. Now come on! Reading the definition of balance and riding a unicycle have to be uniquely different experiences.

So, it could be what Napoleon Hill says is true, that you’ve got to discover the secret for yourself. And he never said he could, or would, or did give you the secret. He says the secret, though not directly named, is “uncovered and left in sight, where those who are ready and searching for it may pick it up.”

Does he reveal the secret? Did he conceal the secret? Where? It could be the cruelest of ironies it’s not even in the book but outside the book, uniquely yours.


Where Napoleon Hill Hid The Secret  by Ted Ciuba,

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