The message of The NEW Think and Grow Rich is as simple as it is powerful: you are capable of vastly more, and the rewards that come with it. All it takes is deciding for it.

There is a system that other people have discovered and followed that you can discover, figure out, learn, practice, rehearse, work with, match in, plug in to, and then become… And it takes a decision. That’s all it takes, decisiveness.

Then become that person. Be that person. Do more. Nobody said it was a complex formula. The formula is not complex: it's a concise application of the natural law of cause and effect.

It's… Be more, do more, have more.

And that "do" in the formula? If you'll notice, it's the pivotal term… In quanticast, it's a balancing point that partakes of both sides of  the equation – it both means that you DO more – to HAVE more, and that you DO more – because you HAVE a richer life with more opportunities and events.

It's a world of cause and effect. Work on yourself. You can do and have more, if you'll be and do more.

That's the message of The NEW Think and Grow Rich… You are capable of vastly more.


You Are Capable Of Vastly More by Ted Ciuba,

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