We work very hard to elucidate these essential, profound principles. You must align yourself with Nature to succeed. Like a ship that uses the wind to sail, they align themselves with the wind. No matter which direction they go, they use the wind.

They align themselves with the wind. The wind does the work.

You must use these forces in the same way. If you don’t, they surely work against you.

Here’s an insight along these lines I’d love to gift you from Osgood and Maguire. It’s a poem. Ofttimes 24 lines of poetry gives more insight that 24 pages of explanation. And it illustrates, as we say, “The quantum leap know if you’re afraid.”

It’s like a dog knows when you’re afraid… You know that phenomenon… And if you’re not afraid, neither the leap nor the dog makes much contest… You get what you actually expect. Not what you would wish for!..

It’s not your unlimited potential that’s holding you back… It’s your own inability to listen to your inner eagle – preferring instead to let others in your environment do your thinking for you…


He Lived And Died A Chicken

by Osgood and Maguire


A man once found an eagle’s egg,

And put it in the nest of a barnyard hen.

The eagle hatched and grew up with a brood of chicks,

Though he didn’t look at all the same.


He scratched the ground for worms and bugs,

And he played a chicken’s game…

The eagle clucked and cackled;

He made a chicken sound…


He flapped his wings, but he only flew

Some 2 feet off the ground –

“Now that’s high, as chickens fly,”

The eagle had been told.


And one day, when the eagle was quite old,

He saw something magnificent,

Flying very high, making great majestic circles

Up there in the sky.


He’d never seen the likes of it;

“What’s that?” He asked in awe,

As he stared in wonder and amazement

At the grace and the beauty that he saw.


“Why that’s an eagle”, someone said,

“He belongs up there, it’s clear.

But we, since we are chickens,

We belong earthbound down here…”


The old eagle just accepted that;

Most everybody does.

But he lived and died a chicken,

Because that’s what he thought he was.


You are an eagle. Wake to your self, you have already felt the intimations of your glory! Wake!


You Get What You Actually Expect by Ted Ciuba, featuring Osgood and Maguire.

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