Yes, I highly recommend getting together with groups and people. This is part of the conception of the Mastermind… Getting together, finding like minded individuals… Like you might at a community site, a sharing site, a blog site.

You get to express your opinions, put up your articles, do the “Here’s what I have to share” gig… You – and everybody else – like to know that your voice is being heard.

That’s what it’s all about – getting with people! Cyber visiting and virtual friendship are, in today’s techno-connected new reality, a good way to fraternalize. Just like we used to have to get together in study groups at the church or at a friend’s house…

Whether you choose a web site organization, teleconference hookups, or in person conferences, whatever the purpose of your organization, adopt The NEW Think And Grow Rich as a study book. There’s so much to learn.

You can sum it up by saying it’s a training manual to develop self-determination, a trait I’m sure you encourage in your associates and those you’re charged with developing.

You get that step handled, and you’ll be well on your way to manifesting whatever it is your heart desires…

And when you start to organize your study group, get a hold of our office through the website http://ThinkRich.com  We’ve got some study guides we can connect you with which coincide with the chapters of the book.

The point is you learn in a much fuller, multi-dimensional, life-changing way engaging, dialoging, sharing your ideas and getting and giving feedback. You will be more, do more, have more when you share the journey.


You Will Be More, Do More, Have More When You Share The Journey by Ted Ciuba,

Hope y101 Quantum Success Secretsou use the good training you get here!

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